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Kiwi Volley- In School Programme & One Off Coaching


KiwiVolley is a game derived from the adult volleyball game with rules and equipment adapted for young people between 5-12 years. Our KiwiVolley programme is characterized by enhancing overall general athletic development. Improving basic movement abilities such as agility, balance, speed, and coordination, while improving fundamental movement skills such as running, jumping, throwing, catching, passing and striking, and developing physical literacy are the primary focus.


FUN is critical for us and one of the primary objectives of the programme is to encourage participation in sport and physical activity in the hopes of creating life-long interest volleyball. Using modified KiwiVolley games, the volleyball fundamentals such as, the Set, the Dig, the Serve, Spiking and Blocking can be introduced. However, we only do this in the most simple and basic of ways, used primarily as tools to enhance the development of the fundamental movement skills, and as part of a program which encourages SUCCESS and fun in a volleyball orientated environment.KiwiVolley is a game derived from the adult volleyball game with rules and equipment adapted for young people between 5-12 years. We have designed our KiwiVolley rules so that from a very early age children can be engaged in a fun volleyball environment. We use progressive levels so that the children can challenge themselves physically, develop their fundamental movement skills (FMS) and gain success through modified KiwiVolley games.

The 3 levels of KiwiVolley are-

  • KiwiVolley Year 3-4 ( Not available 2021 for Manawatu)
  • KiwiVolley Rally - Year 5-6 / Year 7-8's with other modified sport, KiwiVolley is designed to give maximum participation and enjoyable involvement in a game that can develop a wide range of ball skills, movement skills, as well as teamwork and communication skills.KiwiVolley is an ideal way to ENGAGE youngsters in the game of Volleyball. Students will find the progression to College volleyball much easier with having played just one season of KiwiVolley.

Volleyball Manawatu (MRVA) are happy to come into your school and deliver these sessions to your children for years 4-8. The plan is to organise 5-6 weeks of sessions during a term of your choice (first in first served). Please contact for any guidance and info. 2021 is fairly booked, please email to enquire.

2022 Bookings are available! Schools will need to pay per child for the programme. 1 Child is $5, $1 per session (5 weeks). Schools will be invoiced based on numbers from the first weeks sessions. Please contact us if your school would like this programme.

Primary Schools

All the following 5 KiwiVolley booklets can be printed in colour, black & white, in booklet form which can then be easily stapled or printed in fullsize A4 for easier reading.

One Off Coaching Sessions- For Youth Groups, Intermediates or Secondary Schools

MRVA (Manawatu Regional Volleyball Association) offer coaching sessions for groups of students that are interested in Volleyball or developing their schools. We will offer between 1-5 45min-1hr sessions at each group or school. These sessions will only be available during a school lunch time or afterschool or when MRVA coaches are available that suit the group. 

These may have a cost, dependent on the group or school wanting this. 

We can offer sessions focussed on Serving, Passing, Setting, Spiking and Games.

If you would like MRVA in to deliver some coaching then please get in contact with

Rep Programmes

 See button for attached info shared here and given to athletes

Please register by filling out this form so we can get a gauge of what age groups we can take from our region. 
You are not considered within the age group if you turn that age during the year EG: Turn 17 in 2022- you will be in the U19 group.
U17 MEN & WOMEN (2008,2007,2006)
U19 MEN & WOMEN (2005,2004)
U21 MEN & WOMEN (2003,2002)
Athletes can grab this info at Premier League or SS Seeding Tournaments- or through their school Volleyball Teacher in charge. Or can be found on the website.

IPC (Inter-Provincial Champ) teams are made up of our top Volleyball athletes from all around our region

IPC tournaments are held twice throughout the calender year. The first IPC is held in June for the U17's, U19's, U21's and Open age groups. This competition is usually held in Wellington at the ASB Sports Centre over Queens Birthday. It is a brilliant experience for our teams to be apart of and for the athletes to develop new relationships and skills.
The second IPC competition is held in December for the U15 athletes.

In 2022- MRVA are planning to take 4 teams away to IPC & U15s is yet to be confirmed. Age groups are yet to be officially determined once we get a gauge of athletes coming to the scrimmage.

Volleyball Manawatu would like to outline our 2022 Volleyball Camps, Inter Provincial Champs (IPC/REPS) and Central Queens & Kings Development programme.

MRVA are inviting all athletes aged 14-20 interested in the Manawatu Region.

There will be NO OPEN grades attending in 2022.

 Volleyball Camps (9th April, 30th April/1st May, 7th/8th May)

$100.00 - due 5th April
9th April:
Scrimmage and invitation to selected athletes to IPC Trial.

30th April/1st May: Camp 1
7th/8th May: Camp 2

 IPC/REPS (April-June)

$160.00 (selected 10), $40.00 (reserves)- due 22nd April
$345.00 approx (selected 10)- due 20th May
9th April:
13th April:
Trial by invitation only
20th April- 1st June:
Trainings (Wed & Sun)
3rd-6th June: Tournament 

 U17 Dev Central Queens & Kings Series (June-September)

$120.00- due 6th June
Queens Tournament Dates: 19/06/22, 10/07/22, 14/08/22, 04/09/22
Kings Tournament Dates: 26/06/22, 17/07/22, 21/08/22, 11/09/22Trainings: 8 Wednesdays 5:30-7:30pm @ CCS 
15TH June
• 22ND June
• 6TH July
• 13TH July
• 10TH Aug
• 17TH Aug
• 31ST Aug
• 7TH Sep

LOCK IN 9TH APRIL FOR SCRIMMAGE TRIAL @Massey Uni Teaching Gym(Half day Girls and Half day Boys U21s/u19/17 only)

Scrimmage - is a half day of games, where we will be scouting athletes. During these scrimmage games our Rep committee will then only invite a number of athletes back for the official trial (once we know which teams we will be taking). To those who do not get invited back, there are still the camps that you have paid for and there will be other opportunities going forward eg our u17 development Central Queens & Kings Series- or Clubs for our u19s to open.



Payment Details:
$100.00          02-0727-0242211-000
Reference your name & CAMPS

Volleyball in the Manawatū

Volleyball is a popular team sport that you can play in the Manawatu. It’s a fun, high-energy sport that is easy to learn and can be played indoors or outdoors.

Club Volleyball is from May-October with the major tournament in October. Clubs prepare themselves during the winter season for this tournament.
Clubs will need to be affiliated to MRVA to attend any competitions as a club team, this form is found in the button below and must be submitted before May 31st, and payments to be made before 20th June (this will be invoiced to the club contact).

Central Zone

Hawkes Bay/Poverty Bay, Taranaki, Manawatu and Wellington.

Central Zone is a series of tournaments held between May and August used to qualify club teams in the Central region of NZ for the National Club Championships.

Over 40+ affiliated clubs take part in FOUR Zone qualification leagues/events during June to September, culminating in the Volleyball New Zealand National Club Championships in October. Each of the zones are made up of VNZ affiliated Regional Association, with each Zone guaranteed two positions per gender in Division One of the Club Championships.

Please click on a club logo to find out more details.
Linton Army Volleyball


Coaching Courses

Follow this link to VNZ website to get involved in the online coaching courses. In time MRVA will then run coach workshops.


This is the second step on the referee pathway, but is still aimed at those who are just getting started in the referee world.

The local referee course can be completed by two different methods;

A Volleyball New Zealand on-line course has been created- there is a $5 charge.  Click here for the course and further information

This allows for regionally based participants to gain a qualification without travelling to a course


This is for people that are wanting to start taking their refereeing more seriously and already are confident at refereeing club and senior high school volleyball.

The course for this is four hours, has a closed book exam and requires you to be assesed refereeing more than one game. 

Required for:

New Zealand Volleyball Championships (IPC), NZ Club Nationals (2nd ref of Division 2)


Last step on the VNZ Referee Pathway before stepping up to International qualifications. This is where the details of refereeing are taken seriously and you learn more about the finer details of the rules.

Requires a six hour course, exam and several assesments.

Required for:

National Club Championships (Division 1)  and Senior IPC.